Deliver and Earn at Your Schedule.

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Why AmatRider

order goods

Your Time is Yours

Go “active” at your own time. Get requests within your current location. You’re the boss.

Package Delivery

Earn Passively

Earn extra delivering packages within Turkey. Add to your multiple sources of income.

Request Anything

Get Rewarded

Receive tips from customers, Exceed targets and get rewarded. Passion fuels dreams!

How It Works

Receive Requests

Receive requests from stores and individuals around you in need of delivery service.

Accept Request

Accept requests that fits your route or schedule. Get paid for accepted requests

Complete Deliveries

Complete package deliveries from pickup to destination. Exceed target and get bonuses.

Download the AmatRider App to Get Started.

The AmatRider mobile app is availabe on both iOS and Android platforms.
Download the AmatRider app to get started.

Get the AmatRider App

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Doorstep Payment

Our riders are equiped with the necessary resources needed to make their day-to-day service enjoyable and worthwhile. Perform doorstep deliveries and accept payment, either through cash or customized POS machines.

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